Request, Receive and Report W-9's from anywhere to anyone for $3.49

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How to send an official W-9 electronically. No forms, scans or pdf fillers

If you're hiring a contractor for your business, having a W-9 form on file is the first step. has created the fastest and most complete service for requesting, receiving and reporting of contractors for your business.

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Instantly request, receive and report W-9 info for your Contractors without printing and mailing W-9 forms

Send the W-9 Request
Contractor receives secure link to complete
W-9 saved to your account as pdf
Instantly move your W-9 data to form 1099-MISC, We offer Print, Mail and e-Filing to the IRS

Request W-9's with ease

No more mailing paper W-9's and waiting for them to come back. Email 1 or 1,000 contractors a W-9 request instantly from any smart device or computer.

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in office sign up

Secure and Simple

Contractor receives an email with a secure link to enter their W-9 info, e-sign and save.  The entire process is secured with SHA-2 and 2048-bit SSL encryption from start to finish

All your W-9's saved in one location

Once the contractor signs and saves, their W-9 is instantly added to your account to view, print or import to you accounting software at anytime. You can also view status of requests and resend at no charge.

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in office sign up

Update 1099-MISC to 2019

Come tax season, you can choose to move your W-9 data into a 1099-MISC form. Just enter the dollar amount paid and we will Print, Mail and e-File to the IRS for you.