Instructions for issuing W-9 request:

How It Works

Request, Recieve and Report W-9's to anyone, anywhere for $1.49

1. Start to finish securely from any computer, tablet or smart device

To issue your first W-9, create your free account from any device. The entire process is protected under our 2048-bit SSL. One account will allow you to create as many companies as you like and issue unlimited W-9 requests.

2. All you need to issue the W-9 is their email address

Once your account is created, just enter the Contractors email address, checkout and send. Your Contractor instantly receives the W-9 request along with instruction. See a sample W-9 request

3. Contractor receives secure link to complete via email

Contractor enters their data and can e-sign the W-9 with their mouse or fingertip. That form is then instantly saved to your account and you are notified via email that the form has been completed.

4. All your contractor W-9's saved in one location

Within your account you can see all your signed W-9s and any that are still pending. You can also resend pending W-9's at no charge. Your W-9's can be downloaded as a pdf, or exported as a CSV at any time.

5. Contractor W-9 moved to 1099-Misc

Since issuing a W-9 is the first step in reporting form 1099-MISC, we can move that data into a 1099-MISC for you. At the end of the year just need to add the amount paid and we'll e-file to the IRS, State and email your Contractor their recipient copy.